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This New User Onboarding Guide will walk you through the process of getting your new Company and User account set up and configured.

  • If you are a Branch Admin, most of the process will be identical, but Section 4 "Company Settings" will instead take place in your "Branch Settings".
  • If you are not an Admin, the only relevant parts of Section 4 "Company Settings" are the Pre-Approval Letter, Email Templates, and Client Needs Rules, which can be configured in your "User Settings" instead.

Before you start setting up your account, make sure that you have everything you'll need handy.

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  • Username and password for your account with your Credit Vendor
  • Username and password for your DO/DU account with Fannie Mae
  • System-to-System username and password for your LPA account with Freddie Mac
    • If you don't know your system-to-system credentials, call Freddie Mac at 800-FREDDIE
  • Email address and password for your DocuSign account (not necessary if you will be purchasing a Broker Pro subscription)
  • Email address and password for the email account you want your system-generated emails to come from
  • Your personal State License numbers for each state you are licensed in, and your Company's State License numbers for each state your company is licensed in
    • If you don't know these, you can easily find them in the "State Licenses/Registrations" section of your listing/your company's listing on nmlsconsumeraccess.org

Setting your account up with most of our default templates and configurations should take you less than an hour. One of the strengths of ARIVE is it's customization, so you can dig as deeply as you want into making things exactly the way you want them.

Click on a step to be taken to a walkthrough of how to configure each setting. At the bottom of each page you can click the Right arrow to move on to the next step, or the Left arrow to come back to this roadmap.

Let's get started!

  1. Get Training: Sign up for our weekly Live Interactive Training sessions via Zoom.
    1. Onboarding and Q&A - A high-level overview of the system.
    2. New User Training Part 1 and New User Training Part 2 - A thorough walkthrough of the entire loan process in ARIVE.
    3. Ask ARIVE - Open Q&A, ask questions and see the answers demonstrated live.
    4. If you aren't able to join the scheduled live sessions, you can watch recordings of previous Onboarding and Q&A sessions and New User Trainings here: Onboarding and Q&A, New User Training Part 1 and New User Training Part 2
  2. Logging in to your account: (About 5 minutes)
    1. Set your password.
    2. Set up your MFA.
  3. Configuring your User Settings: (About 15 minutes)
    1. Complete your Personal Info and upload a Profile Image. Some of this will be visible to your borrowers in the POS.
    2. Enter your personal State Licenses. If these are not entered, borrowers will receive an alert when applying that you are not licensed in that state.
    3. Set your Team. These users will automatically be assigned to all of your loans.
    4. Set up E-Signing. Choose which system will handle your eSignature requests.
    5. Enter your personal credentials for your Credit Vendors, DO, and LPA. These credentials will only be used by you.
    6. Integrate with UWM's Portal, if you use them.
    7. Connect your Email Account. When your Email is connected, system-generated emails will show as coming from your email address.
    8. Set your Email Signature and your Pre-Approval Signature.
    9. You are also able (but not required) to configure the following settings in your User Settings. If not configured in your User Settings, they will use the corresponding configurations from the Company Settings.
      1. POS App Config
      2. Client Need Rules
      3. Pro and Non-Del Only: Lead Form Config
      4. Pro and Non-Del Only: POS Theme
      5. Email / SMS Templates
      6. Pre-Approval Letter
  4. For Company Admins - Configuring your Company Settings: (About 30 minutes if you aren't customizing much)
    1. Add your organization’s other Users. Everyone in your company who will be using ARIVE needs their own user account.
    2. Complete your Organization Info. Some of this will be visible to your borrowers in the POS.
    3. Enter your company State Licenses. If these are not entered, borrowers will receive an alert when applying that you are not licensed in that state.
    4. Set up your Manual Lenders and confirm your Integrated Lenders are appearing.
    5. Enter your Company Credentials for Credit Vendors, DO, and LPA. Credentials entered here can be used by any user in your company.
    6. Customize your Pre-Approval Letter. Set the language for your company’s default pre-approval letter.
    7. Pro and Non-Del Only: Integrate ARIVE with your Zapier account. 
    8. Integrate ARIVE with your Twilio account.
    9. Customize your Email Templates. Customize the automated emails sent out from ARIVE, both to your borrowers and to you and your team.
    10. Customize the POS application. You decide what information Borrowers need to provide.
    11. Pro and Non-Del Only: Customize your POS Theme.
    12. Pro and Non-Del Only: Lead Form Config. 
    13. Customize your Client Needs Rules. You decide what documents should be requested from borrowers based on what criteria.
    14. Customize your Closing Costs. Set fees to automatically populate in your loans based on certain criteria.
    15. Create Custom Forms. Need a form that isn’t included with the system? You can set up your own!
    16. Create Document Sets. Groups of forms that can be quickly generated together.
  5. Migrating Data from your Old LOS:
    1. Import Loan Files.
    2. Import Contacts and Leads.
  6. Ongoing Support:
    1. Fastest Support: Open a Chat by clicking the blue Chat icon in the bottom right corner of ARIVE
    2. Open a ticket by sending an Email to Support@ARIVE.com
    3. Join our Facebook Group
    4. Continue attending our weekly Ask ARIVE Open Q&A. Even if you don't have any questions, put it on in the background! Then you can listen in and tab over when you hear someone ask a question that you want to know the answer for.
  7. Other Things to Know:
    1. Testing the Borrower Experience.
    2. Creating Branches.
    3. Broker Pro Features.
    4. Setting up Non-Del settings (Non-Del plan only).
    5. Integrating ARIVE with your Zapier account (Broker Pro and Non-Del plans only).