Client Needs can request documents from the borrower through the POS, request E-Signatures on documents you generate, or request information.

Client Needs Rules can be set in the Client Needs Rules tab of your Company Settings (by a Company Admin), Branch Settings (by a Company Admin or Branch Admin), or User Settings (by an individual LO).

Note: If customized in a user's User Settings, this will take precedence over any customizations in the Branch Settings or Company Settings. If customized in the Branch Settings, this will take precedence over any customizations in the Company Settings.

When you have your Client Needs Rules set up, they can be generated in two different ways:

  1. When you click AutoGenerate in the Client Needs tab of a loan, the system will automatically generate Client Needs using the logic set in your Client Needs Rules, only populating the relevant needs and creating them all with a single click!
  2. If you have configured your POS to Automatically generate client needs, the appropriate needs will automatically generate immediately when a borrower clicks Submit Application. This way the borrower can start providing the required documents immediately!

There are several Client Needs Rules that will be set up by default. You can edit these, deactivate them, or delete them entirely if you wish.

To create a new Client Needs Rule, click + New Rule in the upper right corner.

There are three different types of Client Needs: Document Signature, Document Upload, and Inquiry. Any kind of Client Need will appear in the Task List in the Borrower Portal, with a button for the borrower to click to complete the need.

  • Document Upload Client Needs prompt the borrower to upload a document. When the borrower clicks on this need, they will be prompted to upload a document from their computer. Once they upload the document, it will appear in the Client Needs tab of the loan file, for you to accept or reject.

  • Document Signature Client Needs send the borrower a form to e-sign. This can be one of our default forms, or a custom form you have created. When the borrower clicks on this need, they are taken into DocuSign or ARIVE eSign (whichever one you have enabled) to complete the need. Once they have completed this, it will be marked "E-Sign Complete" in the Client Needs tab of the loan file.

  • Inquiry Client Needs prompt the borrower to fill in text in response to whatever you write as your request. Once they submit this, it will appear in the Client Needs tab of the loan file, for you to accept or reject.

After selecting the type, you will be prompted to select which borrower/borrowers the need will apply to, choose the Name (or enter it manually), enter a description (which will be shown to the borrower), and set Conditions. If requesting a document signature, you will also choose the Form from your Forms List that will be sent to the borrower for e-signing.

Conditions determine whether or not the Need is applicable to (and should be generated for) a loan.

  • If you turn Conditions off for a Client Need Rule, that Need will apply for all loans.
  • If multiple Conditions are set in one Client Need Rule, they must all be met in order for the Rule to apply.

You can click the Add Nested Condition to add a second part to a Condition and make it apply if either part is met (see below).

Various things can be set as Conditions, including loan type, loan amount, property state, residency type, various criteria from the borrower's assets, liabilities, or declarations, any custom questions you've added when configuring your POS, and much much more.

Below are some example Client Needs Rules, first one with no conditions that will apply to all loans:

One that will apply when the borrower has had a bankruptcy in the last 7 years:

And one that will apply if a borrower has given a specific answer to a custom question:

For some examples of Client Needs Rules that should be broadly applicable to most Brokerages, see Commonly Used Client Needs Rules.

Once your Client Needs Rules are set up, you can generate them for any loan file by clicking the AutoGenerate button in the Client Needs tab of the loan. This will check all of your active Rules and generate any Needs that match the loan file.

When Needs are generated and sent to the borrower, they will appear in the Borrower Portal's Task List, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Borrower can then click the button for the task to upload the requested document, eSign the required document, or answer the specified inquiry. When they submit their response, it will automatically appear in the LOS in that loan file's Client Needs tab. There you can view the document and Approve or Disapprove it.

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