Connecting your ARIVE account to the UWM Portal to submit loans.

Before you can submit loan files to UWM, you need to connect your ARIVE account to the UWM Portal.

Go to your User Settings > Integrations and select the UWM tab, then click Generate Credentials.

The credentials this generates will be entered into the UWM Portal to connect it to ARIVE.

Next, log into the UWM Portal and click Add New Connection.

Click Sign In under the ARIVE logo.

Enter a name for the connection, and paste the credentials you generated in ARIVE into the Client ID, Client Secret, and API Key fields, and click Connect. (You can easily copy the credentials from ARIVE by clicking the Copy button on the right side of the box they are in.)

Important: If you see an error message "Error in fetching loan list from Arive! - undefined", please wait 5-10 minutes and try again.

You can also check the Automatically Sync Lender Events checkbox if you want the loan file in ARIVE to be updated automatically whenever it is updated in the UWM Portal. See below for the list of fields that will be updated by this integration.

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