You can import a CSV spreadsheet of your borrowers or of your business contacts by clicking the "..." button and then Import Contacts in the Contacts > Borrowers or Contacts > Business Contacts screen.

Click the Download sample file button to download CSV file showing the way your spreadsheet must be formatted in order to upload. It is very important to have the file formatted correctly, otherwise the upload will not work.


Troubleshooting Business Contacts uploads:

Below is a list of fixes for common formatting issues that may prevent your Business Contacts import from uploading correctly.

  • The file type must be CSV. If your contact file is in a different format, you will need to convert it to a CSV first (XLS files, for example, can be saved as CSV through Excel).
  • Each contact must have a First Name and Last Name.
  • Each contact must have an Email (make sure this is in the Email column, not the Company Email column).
  • Each contact must have a Phone Number with no dashes or parenthesis in it (make sure this is in the Phone column, not the Company Phone column).
  • Each contact must have a Contact Type that matches one of the Contact Types in our system (for example, make sure that Realtors have their Contact Type listed as Real Estate Agent, not Realtor).

You can also import a spreadsheet of leads in the Leads screen, through a similar process.

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