Currently, branches are created on the back-end by the ARIVE Support Team. 

If you are a Company Admin and would like to have a branch created within your company, please submit a support ticket with the following details.

  • Your Company Name and NMLS
  • The name of the new Branch
  • The state where the new Branch is located
  • Whether the Branch's users should be part of the main Company Subscription, or if the Branch should have it's own subscription (which will need to be purchased by a Branch Admin)

We will let you know when your branch has been created and is ready to use.

Once your branch has been created, you can switch between your company's main account and the branch by using the dropdown just to the left of your profile icon.

When inside your branch, you have access to the Branch Settings menu where Company Settings would normally be after clicking on your profile icon. Here you can configure many (but not all) of the same options found in Company Settings, but only applying to this specific branch.

To move users into a branch, go to Company Settings  -> Users and find the user you want to transfer. (Switch the dropdown in the top right corner of the screen to "All" to see all users in all branches.) In the rightmost column of their line, click the "..." action menu and click Transfer User. Choose the destination branch and click Transfer. If the user has any active Loans or Leads you will be prompted to transfer them to the destination branch along with the user.

Just as you can designate additional Company Admins, you can also designate Branch Admins. These users will have the ability to edit the Branch Settings of their branch.

Branches are great for independent teams that are part of a larger organization but handle all their own loans, and/or ones that have separate offices or do business under another name.

For more information on branches, see the Branch Settings support article.

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