Any forms that are not included with the system by default can be uploaded as Custom Forms, and programmed to populate information dynamically based on the loan file they are generated for.

Important: Before you can create Custom Forms, you must have Set Up E-Signing in your User Settings > E-Signing.

To create a new Custom Form, go to your Company Settings > Forms List and click the Upload button.


Choose the base document on your computer that you want to create the Custom Form. The document will then open in the form customization screen.

Only PDF files are supported, up to a maximum size of 60MB.

From here you can create fields and set how they are used. Click and drag from the menu on the left to place fields wherever you want them in the document.

  1. Non-Editable Text will appear exactly how you fill it in every time you generate this document in a loan.
  2. Borrower Fillable Text will be a blank text field that the borrower can fill in when this document is generated and sent to them.
  3. Dynamic text will automatically populate based on information in the loan file that the document is generated for. There are many, many dynamic text options (click the + next to Dynamic Fields to see them all) that can populate anything you could need from the loan file, from various information about the Borrower or the Broker to details of the mortgage itself.
  4. You can also place checkboxes (either static or borrower fillable), and of course the field for the borrower’s eSignature and the eSigned date.
  5. When you’re done setting the fields, click Save. It will prompt you to name the document, classify it, and choose which section of the Documents list it will appear under.

Once it’s saved, your new Custom Form is ready to go! Now, to put it into action.

  1. Navigate to the loan file where you want to use your new form.
  2. Click Disclosure Forms in the menu on the left side, then select Forms. Scroll down and find your new form wherever you categorized it, click on it.

You will see any static fields you’ve entered, and you’ll also see any dynamic fields have populated with the appropriate information from this loan. The borrower fillable fields won’t appear yet, but they are there. Click Generate.

Once the form has been generated, you can then click Create eSign Need to create a client need and send this form to the borrower to fill out and sign. All you need to do here is click Setup e-Sign, which should process automatically, and fill in a message to the borrower. Then when you click Review and Send you can edit the automatically generated email however you like before sending it to the borrower.

After this, it works exactly like any other client need. The borrower signs into their portal, your new custom form appears in their task list, they click eSign, go into DocuSign, fill in any borrower fillable fields and click the signature spot to sign, then back in your loan file the client need will be marked as complete, and you can click on it to view their completed form.

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