All system-generated emails sent out by ARIVE are based on templates that can be found and customized in the Email Templates tab of your Company Settings.

Templates are sorted into the categories you see on the left side. To make changes to a template, select it and click the Edit button.

You can add or remove recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. You can also use Information Tags to dynamically populate information about the relevant loan.

There are hundreds of information tags to choose from, populating everything from Borrower information, LO information, data about the subject property or the loan itself, and many other things. Information Tags appear in the template in double curly brackets {{like this}}.

You can even click the More Misc button on the right side of the bar and then click Code View to view and edit the email template as HTML.

One important thing to note when editing your Loan Milestone Updates Email Templates is that the recipients of these emails can also be set at the individual loan level, in the Email Configs section of the Setup & Contacts tab of the loan file.

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