All users have a User Settings page with customizations and configurations that only apply to you personally. To get to your User Settings, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and click User Settings.


From here you can configure your account. Settings in this page are organized into tabs on the left side of the screen.

Personal Info: Here you have access to the following settings;

  • Name and Roles - You can edit your name, but your Roles are set by your Company Admin.
  • Photo - You can upload a photo or other profile image. For more information, see: Uploading your Profile Image
  • NMLS ID - Your personal NMLS number. This should be set by your Admin when they create your account, but you can edit it if you need to.
  • Email - The email address associated with your ARIVE account. If you need to change this email address, please create a ticket or start a chat with our support team.
  • Phone Numbers
  • Client-Facing Title - If you want to display a title other than "Loan Officer" to your borrowers in the POS application/task list, enter it here.
  • Social Media Links

Licenses: You must enter your personal state licenses here. If an applicant attempts to apply for a loan in a state you do not have a license entered for on the Company, Branch (if applicable), and User levels, they will be informed of this by the application form.

Note: In states without license requirements, enter a license with no number or any number.

For more information, see: Entering Individual State Licenses

My Teams: Here you can designate LOAs and Loan Processors to be automatically assigned to your loans.

Note: This will not apply retroactively to existing loans, only future ones.

For more information, see: Setting a Team

Credentials: Here you can enter credentials for Credit Accounts, DO, and LPA. When entering Credit credentials, you will have an optional checkbox to set them to be for Soft credit checks, if not selected it will be used for Hard credit checks. If your preferred Credit Vendor is not in our list, rest assured that we are trying to add them as quickly as possible.

For more information, see: Entering Credentials

E-Signing: Here you will log in to your DocuSign account to connect it to ARIVE. 

Pricing Templates: Here you can make templates that can be used to easily run common scenarios. These serve well as a quick pricer, to quickly provide rates to borrowers over the phone, especially when the borrower does not want to provide application data.

For more information, see: Setting Pricing Templates

Email Signature: Here you can set an email signature, which will appear at the bottom of system-generated emails.

For more information, see: Setting an Email Signature

Pre-Approval Signature: Here you can customize the signature that appears on Pre-Approval Letters you generate.

Email Integrations: Here you can integrate your Email account, allowing system-generated emails you send to borrowers to come "From" you instead of from

My Plan and Billing: If you're a self-paid user, this is where you'll choose and pay for your subscription.

For more information, see: Purchasing Seats at the Self-Paid Level

Client Needs Rules: Here you can edit your automatic Client Needs, and create new ones. Changes you make here will only apply to Client Needs on loans you are the LO on. This can also be customized for the entire company under Company Settings or a specific branch LOs under Branch Settings. Customizations at the User level will take precedence over Branch level, and Branch level will take precedence over Company level.

For more information, see: Customizing Client Needs Rules