Our latest Broker Pro feature, added in our 7.2 release, is the ability to capture leads from the POS without the potential borrower needing to create an account.

This can be configured from the Lead Form Config tab in your Company Settings. This can also be configured on the individual LO level from their User Settings.

Here you can enable or disable the available questions that will appear on the lead form. You can also set a Default Lead Form Assignee, who will be assigned leads created through the company's main lead form URL.

The slider button at the top allows you to enable or disable the Get Quote button to appear in your POS (it will appear in the upper right corner of the Sign In or Create Account landing pages as shown below). If you don't want the Get Quote button to appear, you can still use the lead form--click the Copy icon in the upper right corner to copy your lead form link to your clipboard, and then you can paste it anywhere to link to it from your website, email signature, etc.

When a prospective borrower clicks the Get Quote button or clicks the lead form link you've provided them, they will be prompted to select whether they are looking to purchase or refinance, then they will be presented with the questions that you configured in the Lead Form Config tab.

They are prompted for their name and contact info at the end. Upon clicking Submit, a new Lead will be created. Anything typed in the Additional Notes field will be populated into the lead as a note.