There are two different types of lenders in ARIVE:

  1. Integrated Lenders, which are directly supported in the system and include live Products and Pricing in our PPE.
  2. Manual Lenders, which are not connected to ARIVE and are manually added and managed by Company or Branch Admins.

Integrated Lenders

Each business day we receive an Approved Broker List from each of our Integrated Lenders. If your company appears in this list, you will see the lender in your system, and will be able to receive the lender in your pricing results.  This is an automatic process, and you should usually see the lender added one business day (in rare cases two) after you are approved and set up in the lender's portal.

For more information about our Integrated Lenders, see: Which Wholesale Lenders are Integrated with ARIVE?

When Expected Integrated Lenders are not Appearing

If an Integrated Lender isn't appearing in your Lenders list but should be, please double-check and confirm the following:

  • You have completed the registration process in the lender's TPO portal
  • Your NMLS number is entered correctly
  • Your Broker Compensation is entered correctly

If you are still not seeing the lender after this, please reach out to your AE at the lender and confirm with them whether further steps are needed, or if there is some other issue preventing you from appearing in their Active Broker List.

Note: If your AE tells you that it is a problem on ARIVE's end, they are almost certainly mistaken. Please ask them to verify that you are on the Active Broker List they sent to ARIVE. If they confirm that you are, please reach out to so our agents can verify the Active Broker List that we received from them.

Submitting loans to UWM

Our integration with UWM works somewhat differently from our other integrated lenders. Their pricing will populate through the process above, but in order to actually submit loan files to UWM through ARIVE you will need to set up your Integration with UWM's Portal.

Manual Lenders

Company or Branch Admins can manually add any other lender that is not integrated with ARIVE. Since these lenders are not directly connected to the ARIVE system, you will not be able to view live products and pricing for them within our PPE and you will not be able to submit loans to them directly through ARIVE.

When using a Manual Lender, you'll need to go into the lender's TPO portal to get pricing and then manually enter this information into the ARIVE loan file. When the file is ready for submission, you will need to export it from ARIVE and manually upload it to the lender's TPO portal.

Adding Manual Lenders

To add a Manual Lender, you'll need to go to your Lenders list. Click your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, and click Company Settings.


Then select the Lenders tab on the left side of the screen, and click + Manual Lender. You will then be prompted to enter the lender's Name and NMLS number, then click Add Lender to add them.

Once they're added, you are able to customize Compensations, Fees, and Mortgagee Clauses for the Manual Lender by selecting those respective tabs and clicking the + Compensation, + Fee, and + Clause buttons. When adding these, there are various settings you can use to define when the Compensation, Fee, or Clause will apply.

For more information about configuring default fees for Manual Lenders, see the "Editing Default Fees for Manual Lenders" section of our guide to Managing Default Closing Costs (Fees).

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