After successfully signing up for Arive, admins will want to begin configuring the company settings and inviting users to the system.  Most of the articles in this section of the Support Center will help guide you in major Company Settings setup.

Company Settings

To access your Company Settings, try the following:

  1. Click the profile icon a the top right of ARIVE.
  2. Click Company Settings.
    Note:  This option is only available to Company Admins.  If you do not see this option, you are not an admin user of your system.  Address that with your team or reach out to support@arive.com to rectify this, if appropriate.

You will first be taken to the Organization Info tab.  There, you can click Edit at the top right of sections to complete the section's fields. 

Organization Info

This section contains information about your company, which can show in automated emails or system-generated forms.  This should be pre-filled with information from the NMLS Consumer Access website, but you may want to update it.

Lead Assignee - This field determines the default user the POS assigns loans to, and it should usually be an admin or a branch manager. For more information, see the following guide: Which Loan Officer Receives a Loan from the POS?

Domain Settings

This can be used to update the URL your team uses to access ARIVE.  Please notify your team before modifying this!  This guide has more details:  Customizing Your LOS and POS URLs

Compliance Logo

This will display at the bottom of the POS and some system generated emails or documents.  You can select one of the options to reflect compliance for your company.

DBA Branding Config

If your company operates with a DBA, you can update that information here.  This is typically for branches who operate under different company names and isn't typically set at the company level.

Choose Layout Color

This allows you to select the color scheme for your Mortgage Quotes and Initial Fees Worksheets.

Business Hours

Here, you can reflect when your company opens or closes for business, including which time zone the company primarily operates in.  At this time, these settings do not affect system behavior.

Next Step

If you are following the Company and System Setup guides to set up your Company Settings for the first time, try the following guide next:

Uploading Your Company Logo