When your account is switched to Non-Del, the Non-Delegated tab will appear in your Company Settings. Here you can choose if your loans will be set to Non-Del or Broker by default. You can also set Min and Max Margin Caps.

You can also create Override Rules that will default loans that meet certain criteria to Broker (if your overall default is set to Non-Del) or Non-Del (if your overall default is set to Broker).

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You can also create Margin Rules to adjust pricing (in either points or dollars) on Non-Del loans based on chosen criteria.

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Each of your loan files will have a MERS number automatically generated for it, and you can freely switch between the loan being Brokered or Non-Del. This can be found in the Setup & Contacts tab of a loan, in the lower right corner.

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When a loan is set to Non-Del, our PPE will automatically pull Non-Del pricing from our Integrated Lenders that you are approved with.

You are also able to integrate your existing Doc Magic account into ARIVE via the Doc Magic section of the Credentials tab in either your User Settings or your Company Settings.

Once you've integrated your Doc Magic account you can generate disclosures through it via the Disclosures section of the Disclosure Forms tab of a loan file. Please make sure that you have your Products correctly configured in your Doc Magic account before doing this. Non-Del Closing Disclosures are not yet supported though this integration, but we expect to launch that before the end of this year.

Also, Call Reports support Non-Del clients.

Remember that as a Non-Del subscriber, you also have access to all the features of our Broker Pro Plan.

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