The Email Tracking tab in your Company Settings provides a comprehensive record of all emails sent through ARIVE by your organization.

Find the Email Tracking tab in Branch Settings, offering visibility into all branch users' emails, or in User Settings, where it displays only your sent emails. 

Opening Emails: Simply click on the email titles to open and view their content. 

Searching for Emails: Utilize the search bar located in the upper right corner to quickly locate specific emails.

Email Sent Status: Check the rightmost column for the status of your sent emails. It will indicate whether the email was sent successfully. 

Important: In case of an email failure, hover your mouse over the info icon to view the error message. "Invalid grant" means the sender of the email needs to reconnect their email integration.

To review the email history of a particular loan file, navigate to the "Email Logs" tab within the action menu of the respective loan file.