Each ARIVE user has the ability to link their personal email account, enabling system-generated emails to appear as originating from their own email address.

Configuring in User Settings

Without linking an email account to ARIVE, system generated emails will display the user's name in the 'From' field, while being sent from loans@arive.com

ARIVE is designed to work seamlessly with various email services, with Gmail and Microsoft Office 365/Outlook being the most widely used.

Navigate to your User Settings and select Email / SMS Config from the left menu panel.

Simply click the 'Connect' button to begin. When you connect a Gmail account, you will be directed to the standard sign-in screen.

Ensure that the 'Send email on your behalf' checkbox is selected, and then proceed by clicking the 'Continue' button.

Your email account is now connected. Click Test Email to send a test email.

Important: For Microsoft Exchange email servers, choose the Microsoft Office 365 option.

Configuring in Company Settings

If your company utilizes Sendgrid or SMTP, you can connect an email account at the company level from your Company Settings under Email / SMS Config

It's best practice for individual users to configure their email accounts separately in their User Settings.

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