Company Paid subscriptions.

Company Admins can purchase a Company Paid subscription through the Company Settings > Plans and Billing screen.

When seats are purchased on this subscription, active users who are set to Company Paid will use these seats automatically.

Your Company subscription must have one seat for each user in your company who is set to Company Paid.

Purchasing a Company Paid Subscription

When you go to your Plans and Billing screen, you will be prompted to select your plan, choose between Annual and Monthly billing, enter your method of payment, and complete the purchase.

The number of seats will automatically populate to match your current number of users. You can use the + button to add more seats if you plan to add more users in the immediate future.

The two seat types are Regular and Occasional.

  • Regular is for LOs who will be assigned to loan files as the Originator.
  • Occasional is for LOAs, Processors, and anyone else who will not be the Originator on loan files.
    • Occasional seats are currently available for use by very-low-volume Loan Originators, with the limitation that they can only be the Originator on a maximum of two active loan files at any given time (including pre-approvals and new applications).

Once you purchase a subscription, it will renew automatically unless cancelled. All subscription payments are non-refundable.

Adding and Removing Seats

You can adjust the number of seats on your Company subscription at any time by going to your Company Settings > Plans and Billing and clicking Change Plan.

Before you can add additional Company Paid users, you must add seats to your Company subscription for those users. Likewise, Company Paid users must be Deleted/Deactivated or switched to Self Paid before you will be able to remove Company Paid seats that they are occupying.

When you remove seats from your Company subscription, you will automatically receive a prorated credit to your account for the remaining unused time on that seat you had already paid for. This credit never expires, and will automatically be applied towards your future subscription renewals and seat additions until all used up.

Likewise, when adding seats to your Company subscription, the amount you will pay up-front is prorated based on where you are in your billing cycle.

Purchasing Self Paid Seats

Users can also be set to Self Paid, which will require them to purchase their own subscriptions.

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