After successfully logging into Arive, you will want to configure your profile before starting loans.  This will help ensure better data flow and will help you fully leverage the POS and LOS features.  Most of the articles in this section of the Support Center will help guide you in major User Settings setup.

This article will get you started with an article series which will guide you through setting up your account.  However, if you'd prefer to view a video which covers all the same content, please try this guide instead:  Getting Started for Users (User Settings)

User Settings

To access your User Settings, a great first step, try the following:

  1. Click the profile icon a the top right of ARIVE.
  2. Click User Settings.

You will first be taken to the Personal Info tab.  There, you can click Edit at the top right to complete the fields.  Most of this information will affect automated emails, some system-generated documents, and will display in the POS.


  1. The Email field must be updated by Admin users.
  2. The Client-Facing Title field displays as your title in your profile within the POS.

Next Step

If you are following the User Settings Setup guides to set up your User Settings for the first time, try the following guide next:

Uploading Your Profile Image