Use Zapier to integrate your CRM with ARIVE!

To integrate ARIVE with your Zapier account, go to your Company Settings > Integrations (If you are Self Paid, you will go to your User Settings > Integrations).

Click the Generate button to generate the Zapier credentials you will need. Then click Copy Zapier Link and log into Zapier through the URL provided.

When you log into Zapier through the Zapier App Link, you should see the following screen. Click Accept Invite & Build Zap.

Important: The ARIVE Zapier App is not publicly viewable, so you must add it to your Zapier account via the Zapier App Link found in your Integrations tab

Then you can start creating Zaps to and from ARIVE.

When creating a Zap, search for ARIVE and select ARIVE API.

You will then be prompted to Sign In to the ARIVE Zapier App using the credentials you generated in the Integrations tab of your ARIVE Company (or User) Settings.

Once that is complete, you're ready to start building Zaps!

See: Zapier's Quick-Start Guide for more info on creating Zaps

See: Zapier Tutorial Videos for instructions on setting up Zaps with some popular CRMs