Occasionally, it's possible to run into this error when trying to log into your ARIVE account.

Here's What To Do:

First, check to ensure the time on your main device and your phone match. Your phone receives the MFA Code to enter into the system when logging in your ARIVE account. If the time on the devices do not match it will cause an interruption and delay from receiving the MFA Code.

Important: If the time on your mobile device and the time on your computer do not match, you will not be able to sign in.


  1. Windows Menu > Search for Time > Change the Date and Time Settings
  2. Set Time Automatically > Toggle On


  1. Apple Menu > System Preferences > Click Date & Time
  2. Check the Box >Set Time Zone Automatically Using Current Location

If resetting your time was the issue, attempt to sign in and all should be successful. If not, proceed below:

Next Steps_Clear Your Computers Cookies & Cache:

Go To Clear Browsing Data > choosing only Cookies & Cache.

Below are visuals for 3 different browsers.

1. Google Chrome:


2. Internet Explorer:

3. Safari:

After all is clear, try logging in.

If all else fails, click the Reset your MFA link on your login screen. This will send you a MFA reset email, containing a link that when clicked will prompt you to set up your MFA again.