Occasionally, it's possible to run into the following error when trying to log into ARIVE:

When this occurs it's usually due to a time mismatch between the device you have for getting the MFA codes and the device you're using to log into the system -- usually a difference between your cell phone and computer.

Since cell phones generally are automatically synced, you will want to check to make sure the time on your computer is being updated automatically. Here are some instructions for doing this on Windows and OS (Apple) operating systems:

Windows Computers

  1. Choose Windows menu > search for "time" > Select "Change the date and time" settings
  2. Set the "Set time automatically" to 'On'

Mac Computers:

  1. Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Date & Time. 
  2. In the Time Zone pane, make sure that ”Set time zone automatically using current location” is selected and your Mac is connected to the Internet.