Company and Branch Admins have access to the Branch Settings page. To get to your Branch Settings, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and click Branch Settings (if you're a Company Admin, you'll need to switch to the branch in the dropdown beside your profile icon first).

From here you can configure many of the same settings found in Company Settings, but to only affect this particular branch. Settings in this page are organized into tabs on the left side of the screen.

Branch Info: Here you have access to the following settings;

  • Branch Name
  • Branch NMLS # (if it has it's own NMLS #, otherwise leave it blank)
  • Branch Address
  • Branch Phone number
  • Branch Email
  • Branch Website
  • Lead Assignee - The LO all loans created through your branch's main POS link will be assigned to. If this is not set, borrowers applying through your company's main POS link will be prompted to choose their LO at the beginning of their application. For more information, see: Which Loan Officer Receives a Loan from the POS?
  • Business Hours - Does not currently affect system behavior.
  • Enable DBA Branding - Allows you to set a DBA Trade Name for your branch and upload a logo for it. If this is not enabled, your branch logo will default to your main company logo.

Licenses: You must enter your branch's state licenses here. If the branch doesn't have it's own separate licenses, just enter the same ones that you entered under Company Settings. If an applicant attempts to apply for a loan in a state you do not have a license entered for on the Company, Branch (if applicable), and User levels, they will be informed of this by the application form.

Note: In states without license requirements, enter a license with no number or any number.

For more information, see: Entering Company State Licenses

Lenders: The System Lenders shown here will be the same as in Company Settings. Click +Manual Lender to add a new Manual Lender. Manual Lenders set up here will only appear for this branch.

For each lender, you can edit the following;

  • Compensations
  • Fees
  • Mortgagee Clause

For more information, see: Adding Lenders

POS Config: Here you can customize the POS/Application URL for your branch. You can see your company's POS Data Configurations, but these cannot currently be changed at the branch level. You can customize your branch's POS application link.

For more information, see: POS Configurations

Credentials: Here you can enter credentials for Credit Accounts, DO, and LPA. These credentials will be used by the users in your branch. You will also enter your Doc Magic credentials here if you are Non-Del. When entering Credit credentials, you will have an optional checkbox to set them to be for Soft credit checks, if not selected it will be used for Hard credit checks.

If your preferred Credit Vendor is not in our list, rest assured that we are trying to add them as quickly as possible.

For more information, see: Entering Credit and AUS Credentials and, Which Credit Vendors are supported?

Pre-Approval Letter: Here you can edit the Pre-Approval Letter for your branch. If you do not customize this on the branch level, when you send a Pre-Approval Letter it will be populated based on the main company's Pre-Approval Letter.

Email Tracking: See all emails sent from this branch in the ARIVE platform. Click on one to open it. You can search through the emails using the search bar in the top right corner.

Email Templates: Here you can view and edit all the various templates for system-generated emails, and who they will be sent to. Changes you make here will apply only to emails sent from your branch, and will take precedence over changes made in Company Settings.

For more information, see: Updating Email Templates

Client Needs Rules: Here you can edit your automatic Client Needs, and create new ones. This can also be customized for the entire company under Company Settings or by individual LOs under their User Settings. Customizations at the User level will take precedence over Branch level, and Branch level will take precedence over Company level.

For more information, see: Customizing Client Needs Rules

Workflow Rules: This feature is in development and is Coming Soon™.

Closing Costs: Here you can adjust your closing costs and add or remove fees.

For more information, see: Managing Default Closing Costs

Users: Here you can see the users assigned to this branch. If you are a Company Admin, you can also transfer users out of this branch by clicking the "..." Actions button. When you transfer a user, you will be prompted to either transfer their loans with them or reassign them to a different LO.

For more information, see: Adding Users to ARIVE

Roles: Currently all you can do in this tab is click on a role to see a list of users in this branch with that role.