The following Credit Vendors are currently supported in ARIVE

**Important: To enable CreditPlus, please reach out to your AE at CreditPlus.

See: Fannie Mae's list of Credit Information Providers for more info about them.

We are continually working to add more credit vendors based on brokers' needs and demands. If you would like to request the addition of a new credit vendor, please reach out to! Unfortunately, we cannot give you an ETA on when any given credit vendor will be available--adding them can be a long and involved process and we frequently have no control over the timetable.

Can I Use an Unsupported Credit Vendor with ARIVE?

You can use an unsupported vendor by ordering the credit report outside of ARIVE.  You will need to manually enter credit data, such as liabilities into ARIVE, and you may want to upload the report in the loan's Documents screen.

Currently, ordering credit through a supported credit vendor is required to run AUS within ARIVE.  So, using an unsupported credit vendor means you must also run DO outside of ARIVE.  From there, you can upload the findings to the Documents screen in the loan as well.

This will not prevent you from originating the loan within ARIVE, and you can still submit loans through supported lender connections.