Moving your pipeline out of your old LOS and into ARIVE is a manual process on both ends. You will need to download your 3.2/3.4 files out of your old LOS and then upload them into ARIVE.

Brokers usually pick one of two methods when they come onto ARIVE:

  • Most Brokers choose a day forward strategy and move their active Pipeline and any files they will need for Call Reporting. Generally this means moving all files that need to appear on the MCR for the current quarter. Then downloading your other files and supporting documents to local storage or cloud storage, so if you want to work with those borrowers again, you can upload them to ARIVE on an as needed basis.
  • Other Brokers decide to upload All of their loans to ARIVE by tasking a LOA or Processor with the project. Most LOS systems only allow you to download 3.2/3.4 files one at a time, and you also can only upload files into ARIVE one at a time. So the amount of time this will take depends quite a lot on how long you have been with your previous LOS and how many files you have with them.

For information on how to upload 3.2 and 3.4 files to ARIVE, see Importing 3.2 and 3.4 Files.

You do have the ability to upload a CSV file of Borrowers, Business Contacts, or Leads into ARIVE, if you want to keep your contact DB in one place.

For more information on importing contacts and leads, see Importing Contacts and Leads.

With our Broker Pro plan, you also have the option of connecting ARIVE to your existing CRM through Zapier, if you prefer to keep your contacts in your CRM.

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