To streamline the process of generating groups of documents, Company Admins are able to create Form / Document Sets that can be generated in a group for any loan file within the company.

To do this, go to your Company Settings and click on the Document Sets tab. Then click + New Set.

Then you can name your new Document Set, and click + Add Form to add any existing Forms to it. When you're done, click Save.

Now when you're in a loan file, you can generate the Set. Go to the Forms section of the Disclosure Forms tab, the same as if you were generating a single document, but select your new Form Set.

Upon selecting the Set, you can view any of the documents within before generating them, edit any editable fields in them, and de-select any documents in the Set that you may not need for this particular loan. Click Generate when you're ready.

Then, just like when generating an individual document, a Create eSign Need button will appear in the upper right corner, allowing you to generate a Client Need, as well as a Download button if you wish to download the documents.

Once generated, the document will appear in the Documents tab of the loan.

For more information, see Finding and Generating Documents and Forms.

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