Company Admins can customize their POS / Application from the POS App Config tab of your Company Settings.

Branch Admins can also customize certain aspects of their branch's POS from the POS App Config tab of their Branch Settings, but not all customizations are available here. Likewise, individual LOs can customize their personal POS through the POS App Config tab of their User Settings.

Important: If customized in a user's User Settings, this will take precedence over any customizations in the Branch Settings or Company Settings. If customized in the Branch Settings, this will take precedence over any customizations in the Company Settings.

You can remove any questions you do not want the borrower to be prompted to answer in the POS by unchecking the appropriate box. Which questions will appear can be customized separately for Purchase loans vs Refinance loans.

Users will frequently disable one of the six key pieces of information to prevent TRID from being triggered prematurely. 

See: For more info, see Avoiding Collection of RESPA in the POS.

Below this you can configure the following:

  • Automatically generate client needs for all borrowers - If this is enabled, as soon as a borrower clicks the Submit Application button at the end of filling out their 1003, Client Needs will automatically be generated and sent to them based on how you have your Client Needs Rules configured. 
See: For more information, see Customizing Client Needs Rules.

  • Allow loan app submission without Credit Consent - By default, the system will not allow a borrower to submit their application without providing Credit Consent. If you enable this, they will be able to.
  • Must complete all the required fields in loan application - By default, the borrower is able to bypass any section of the POS by simply clicking on the next page in the page list on the left side of the screen, and they are able to submit the application without having completed all sections. If you enable this, they will be required to complete all sections before being able to submit the application.

You can also create custom questions to appear in the POS from the Additional Questions section. 

See: For more info on this, see Custom POS Questions.

At the bottom, you can customize your POS URL. 

See: For more information on this, see Customizing your URLs.

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