Important: For the most up-to-date pricing information, always see our Pricing page.

The only thing you pay for ARIVE is a monthly (or annual) fee per user.

ARIVE uses a "seats" system.  Seats can be purchased and subsequently assigned to users. The seats can be retained and swapped between users, should the user leave the company, for example. Seats can be purchased at the company or individual level on a monthly or annual subscription basis (with discounts).

Seat Types

  • Regular seats, also known as Loan Originator seats are for licensed Loan Officers who are originating loans.
  • Occasional seats, also known as Support Staff seats are for processors, assistants, and administrators.

Subscription Types

Broker Core is the core of the ARIVE platform, with full access to all the base systems.

Broker Pro is our newly-released premium plan, which currently offers Zapier API integration, our built-in eSigning platform, and more. For more info on Broker Pro, see Broker Pro Features.

Non-Del is for non-delegated correspondents and includes all Core and Pro features. For more info on Non-Del, see Non-Del Features.

We also have our new Third Party Processor / Contract Processor account type, allowing TPPs to have one single account that they can work on loans with all their ARIVE-using partner LOs through.

Important: All prices are subject to relevant taxes where applicable.

See: Purchasing Seats at the Self Paid Level

See: Purchasing Seats at the Company Level