Company Admins and Branch Admins can add additional users to their Company or Branch.

Before adding Company Paid users, you'll need to make sure you have open seats on your subscription. You don't need to do this for Self Paid users, as they will be prompted to purchase their own subscription.

See: Purchasing Seats at the Company Level for information on adding more Company Paid seats

If you are currently in your free trial period, you can add as many Company Paid users as you want without needing to first add seats. When you go to purchase your subscription at the end of your free trial, you will be prompted to purchase seats for all Company Paid users.

To add users, go to your Company Settings > Users, or Branch Settings > Users.

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click Company Settings (or if you are a Branch Admin, click Branch Settings). Then click the Users tab on the left side of the screen.

Here you will see all active and invited users in your company, or in your selected branch (or, if you are a Company Admin and have the Branch dropdown set to "All", your entire company including all branches).

Editing Users and Adding New Users

You can edit an existing user by clicking on their name. You can reset a user's password, change their email address, deactivate or delete their account, or (if you're a Company Admin) transfer them to a different branch in the company by clicking on the "..." Actions menu button to the right of their information.

See: Managing Users and User Roles for more info on deleting and transferring users

To add a new user, click the + User button in the top right corner. This will open the Add User pane.

Here you will be prompted to enter the following information. Asterisks indicate required information.

  • Subscription Type. If set to Company Paid, you can assign them one of your existing unoccupied seats. If you have no available seats, you will need to purchase more in the Plans and Billing tab of your Company Settings before you can create this new user. If set to Self Paid, the user will be responsible for paying for their own seat in the Plans and Billing tab of their User Settings. For more information, see: Setting Users as Self Paid or Company Paid
  • Assign Subscription. If the new user is a Loan Officer who will be originating loans, they will need a Regular seat. If they are a LOA, Processor, or otherwise not going to be originating loans, they should have an Occasional seat.
  • Basic Details. Here you'll enter their name, email address, and phone numbers. If they have a Title that you want to display to clients that is different from their assigned Role (explained below), you can enter it in Client-Facing Title.
  • User Access Level. This will determine what the User is able to see within the company. If set to Branch Level, they will not be able to see anything outside of the branch they are assigned to. If set to Organization Level, they will be able to see the company's other branches.
  • Assign Roles. Choose what the new user's roles will be. Multiple roles can be selected for a single user. Company Admins will have full access to all the same settings and configurations you do. Branch Admins will only have access to their branch's Branch Settings.

Once you have filled in the information, click Add User and the new account will be created, the user will appear in your Users list, and an invitation email will automatically be generated by the system and sent to the email address you entered for the user, with a link prompting them to set their password and log in to their new account for the first time.

See: Managing Users and User Roles for more info on roles

If your new user does not log in within about a day of having their invite email sent to them, the link in the email will expire and not work. To re-send this invitation, click the "..." Actions menu to the right of their info and click Send Invite to have the system send them a new invite email.

To confirm that the invitation email has been sent and went to the proper address, you can check the Email Tracking tab of your Company Settings, where you can view all emails sent by the system, including new user invites.

Important: We strongly recommend that you have all new users review the User Settings portion of our New User Onboarding Roadmap

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