There are two types of lenders in Arive:

  1. Integrated Lenders, which are directly supported in the system and include submission to the lender portal directly from within Arive.
  2. Manual Lenders, which are not connected to Arive and are manually added and managed by admin users.

Integrated Lenders

Integrated lenders inform Arive nightly of their approved brokers.  If your company appears in this list, you will see the lender in your system, and will be able to receive the lender in your pricing results.  This is an automatic process, and you should see the lender added one business day after you are approved and set up in the lender's portal.

See the list of lenders integrated with Arive here:  Which Wholesale Lenders are Integrated with Arive?

When Expected Integrated Lenders are not Appearing

If you are not seeing the lender, please ensure you have completed the registration in the lender's TPO portal.  You should use the correct NMLS number, and be sure the broker compensation is entered.  If you are still not seeing the lender after this, we suggest reaching out to your AE at the lender, to confirm if further steps are needed or if there is an issue.

Manual Lenders

Lenders not integrated with Arive can be added manually by admin users.  However, as the lenders are not connected to Arive, users will need to submit loans to these lenders manually.  The lender's pricing will need to be run in the lender's TPO portal and entered manually into the Arive loan file.  Once the file is ready for submission, the file will need to be exported to the lender's TPO portal.

Adding Manual Lenders

To add a lender to the system, perform these steps:

  1. Click your profile icon at the top right of Arive.
  2. Click Company Settings.
  3. Click Lenders in the left-hand list.
  4. Click Add on the right-hand side of the Manual Lenders section of the screen.
  5. In the new window, enter the Name and NMLS #.
  6. Click Save.

See these steps performed below:

Note:  We pull lender fees through the lender automation.  Since Arive does not integrate with manual lenders, you will want to configure those fees.  See the "Editing Default Fees for Manual Lenders" section of the following guide for details:

Managing Default Closing Costs (Fees)