You can register for ARIVE.Next access and will be automatically approved if you are ARIVE 1.0 customer. 

For active Arive 1.0 active users support  will be migrating the accounts as mentioned in Transition FAQ so Step 1 is NOT needed.


Step 1: Arive 1.0 users: Setting up your company’s account as a Broker Owner is as simple as

  1. Go to, fill out the screen, and click on the button:

Step 2: Company Admin to Verify Account

  1. If you are a company admin, check your email for the authentication link from us, and click on the button to “Finish Account Setup”

  2. You’ll be redirected to enter your new password, after which you will be able to login!

Mandatory 2-Factor Authentication for Brokers. You also will need to download an Authentication App on your phone or tablet, such as Google Authenticator or Authy. We’ve added Two-Factor Authentication when logging in to protect your clients’ sensitive information. Here’s what that process will look like:

After logging in, you and your users will be prompted to scan a barcode with the authentication app which will then give you a six-digit code to enter in the UI. This six-digit code is the second form of authentication, which is keeping your information secure.

After confirming the code, you will be given a unique identifier which will allow you to reset their two-factor authentication should you get a new device. Make sure to securely store this somewhere safe! You will need this to reset MFA such as if you change your device. If you lose this code, you may lose access to ARIVE.Next account.

When logging back into the platform after the first time, users may indicate to apply a setting for the browser to remember their account.

Step 3: Confirm Company Settings

Verify your Company Settings, Comp Plans etc. add any Branches if you need for your Business. Then invite your other users to access ARIVE.Next