Moving from one Company account in ARIVE to another.

Currently, the system is not capable of moving a user account from one company to another.

If you change the brokerage you are working with, you will need a new User account within the new company's Company account.

Any loan files, documents, contacts, and other data you may need from your old account should be exported from it before you cancel your old account's subscription. Moving files and data is your responsibility, and while our Support team can provide instructional help they cannot move any files or data themselves.

If you have purchased an Annual subscription, please reach out to and we will transfer your subscription to your new account if possible, or provide a prorated refund if a transfer is not possible. Prorated refunds will only be provided when moving from one ARIVE account to another, not when leaving ARIVE entirely.

See: Exporting Loan Files, Importing Loan Files, Importing Contacts and Leads