To integrate ARIVE to the UWM Portal, head to the ARIVE user settings -> Integrations tab by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner.  Once in User Settings -> Integrations, ensure the UWM tab is selected.

Then, select Generate Credentials in the top right corner.  The unique credentials from this tab will be used to link the ARIVE account to the UWM Portal.

Now, head to the UWM Portal and log in.  Once logged in, select Add New Connection on the dashboard.

Then, select Sign In under the ARIVE logo.

In the pop-up box, think up and type in a name for the connection, and paste the credentials from the ARIVE User Settings into the text boxes with the matching title (e.g. Client ID Key into the Client ID box).  The credentials can be easily copied by clicking the square copy button along the right side of the text box. Then, paste them into the corresponding boxes on the UWM Portal and hit the Connect button.

If a message for "error in fetching loan list from Arive! - undefined" appears while making the connection, please wait 2-3 minutes before attempting to activate the connection again.