Each user in ARIVE is able to connect their own email account so that system-generated emails will show as coming "from" their email address. This is done in your User Settings > Email / SMS Config.

When you've connected your email, you will even see emails sent through ARIVE appear in your mail's outbox.

Without an email account connected to ARIVE, all of our system-generated emails will show the name of the user generating them in the From field, but actually be coming from loans@arive.com.

ARIVE is compatible with many email services, but the most popular (and most thoroughly tested) are Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 / Outlook.

Note: If you have a Microsoft Exchange email server, you should be able to integrate this using the Microsoft Office 365 option.

Just click the Connect button to get started. When connecting a Gmail account, this will take you to the typical Google sign in screen.

Make sure that the "Send email on your behalf" checkbox is checked, then click Continue.

That's all there is to it. Your email account is now connected. Click Test Email to send a test email.

If your company uses Sendgrid or SMTP you can connect an email account on the Company level from your Company Settings > Email / SMS Config, but we recommend having all of your users set up their emails separately through their User Settings.

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