Generating Sample Quotes and Comparisons

ARIVE allows you to easily generate clear, visually attractive sample quotes and comparisons to help the borrower understand the options available to them.

First, make sure that you have filled out the details in the Loan & Property, Borrower Info, and Financial Info tabs. Then go to the Products & Pricing tab.

Ensure that all the fields are entered and correct, select the lenders you want to see pricing for, and click Price Loan. 

See: Adding Lenders in ARIVE

The pricing engine will show you a list of eligible products. You can adjust rates by clicking a product's rate.

Using the checkboxes to the left of each product, select up to three that you wish to show quotes for, and click Compare.

See: Comparing Different Loan Scenarios

This generates the Mortgage Quote, showing a comparison of the selected products. With the buttons in the top right corner you can Add Fees (attaches IFWs for each selected product to the bottom of the quote with fees pulled from our SmartFees integration), Download (saves a PDF of the quote to your computer), or Send (opens an email draft to send the quote to the borrower).

When a quote is downloaded or sent, it is automatically saved to the Loan Quotes tab of the loan file.