How to get Sample quote: Arive (Pricing a loan)

A sample quote provides the client with the approximate to exact amount of the loan estimate providing them to choose among various options available to them and also to compare all the options. Here is a guide to exact step to step process to get a sample quote for your client.

  • Create a loan file with all the details of Loan & Property, Borrower info and financial info.
  • Now go to Products & Pricing < Check if all the details in the Purchase section are filled.
  • Select the lender on the top right corner, users can add lender or choose any of our integrated lenders, providing link for adding manual lender for reference .
  • Check the advanced options for any specifications like Rate Type, Loan Term, Flex Term, Payment Type, Comp Payer Type, First Time Homebuyer, Fee-In Price etc.
  • Once everything is set, Click on PRICE LOAN on the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose the suitable products and click on COMPARE, it redirects to compare loan page, where user can Add fees, download or directly send to client's email address.
  • All the downloaded quotes are saved and can be viewed, downloaded or Re-runed in LOAN QUOTES section of the loan.

If there are any changes or any other modifications, user can select Re-Run and generate new quotes to compare and price.

Please watch the below articles for any additional support