You can find the list of uploaded and generated documents, as well as supported standard forms in the loan file.  To start:

  • Navigate to Documents in the loan file.
    This shows the list of uploaded and generated documents in the loan.  You can also upload documents from here.

If you want to see standard forms, such as the 4506T, Anti-Steering Disclosure, 1003, or the like, you can:

  • Select Forms at the top of the new screen.

  • To generate a form, you can click the Document Name, the Generate icon on the far right, or the Edit and Generate icon next to it. You can also generate a Client Need with the icon next to these.
  • Clicking the Generate or Edit and Generate icons will show you the populated form, and allow you to make changes directly to the form's fields. Simply click in one of the blue fields and type to add or edit information.
    Note:  Only one document can be generated in this way at a time.
    Note: Information edited in the form fields will not update the loan information in the ARIVE file, so we recommend making significant changes in the loan file prior to generating the document. Editing information here should be more for tweaks, legibility, or correcting undesired mapping.