Documents that have been uploaded or generated for a loan can be found in the Documents tab in the loan file. You can also upload documents here, by clicking the Upload button in the upper right corner.

The list of standard forms included with the system and custom forms you have created, as well as any Form Sets you have created, can be found in the Forms section of the Disclosure Forms tab in the loan file.

To generate a form, click on it. This will open it, and populate it's dynamic fields with the appropriate information for the loan you are in. You can make changes to any editable fields (shown in blue) here before generating the document if you wish. When you're ready, click Generate.

Please note: Information edited in the form fields will not update the loan information in the ARIVE file, so we recommend making significant changes in the loan file prior to generating the document. Editing information here should be more for tweaks, legibility, or correcting undesired mapping.

Once the document has been Generated, it is no longer editable. A Create eSign Need button will appear in the upper right corner, allowing you to generate a Client Need for the document to be eSigned and email it to the borrower. You can designate which borrower/s to send it to, and choose whether or not the Loan Officer also needs to eSign the document. There is also a Download button if you wish to download the document.

Once generated, the document will appear in the Documents tab of the loan.

Only one document can be generated in this way at a time. If you regularly need to generate groups of documents, you will want to set up Form Sets. For more information, see Creating and Using Form Sets.