ARIVE allows users to order credit reports through integrated credit vendors seamlessly as well as re-issue or refresh a credit report.  For details on which credit vendors are supported, please check here:  

Which Credit Vendors are Supported? 

Ordering a Credit Report

To order a credit report, you must enter the following information for the application:

  • Borrower names
  • Current addresses
  • Borrower social security numbers
  • Borrower credit consent

These can be entered on the Form 1003 screen, but there will also be prompts to enter them on the Order Credit screen.  Once this is entered, you can go to the Order Credit screen to order credit.  From there:

  1. Click the checkbox for the application on which you want to order credit.  
  2. If your credentials and CRA are entered already, skip to step 6.  If not, proceed to the next steps.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select your CRA and enter your username and password.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Update the Choose how to run credit order section to indicate what type of report you wish to pull.  These options may differ depending on which CRA you use.  Typically, the options are New Credit Order for a brand new report, or Re-issue Credit to re-issue an existing report.
  7. Update the Select how to import liabilities dropdown menu.  Merge Current Liabilities with Credit Report Liabilities will import the credit report's liabilities and add them to the Form 1003 screen, combining liabilities that match and adding new entries for new liabilities.  Don't Merge Credit Report Liabilities will not import any liabilities from the credit report and will fully preserve what is already entered on the Form 1003.
  8. Click Order Credit.

Note: You can enter credit credentials in your User Settings and default which CRA is selected.  For details see this guide:

Entering Credit and AUS Credentials

Re-Issue Credit Report

To re-issue a credit report, you must have the report ID of the credit report used by the credit provider.  Importing a report does not create a new report ID, and will import liabilities from the existing report with the provided report ID.  This is useful, for example, if you've already ran the credit report through the vendor's web portal directly and would like to import the liabilities in ARIVE or use the report without doing another hard pull.

Refresh Credit Report

Refreshing a credit report will refresh the liabilities of a previously pulled credit report.  This is helpful, for example, if you want to verify no major credit changes have occurred prior to closing.  Note:  This option is only available through select vendors.

Un-merge Credit Report

If you have pulled a credit report with two borrowers and you would like to remove a borrower, use Un-merge Credit Report. Un-merging will permanently remove the co-borrower from the current ordered credit report.  Note:  This option is only available through select vendors.  If this option is not available for your vendor, you will likely need to contact the vendor directly to create an unmerged report without affecting the borrower's credit.  From there, you can re-issue the report.