The ARIVE platform has a unique feature over other LOS platforms with its direct integration with lender's TPO portals.

What this means for you is that with a single click you can send a loan to a lender. We call this process loan registration or loan submission. This effectively replaces having to download a FNM 3.2 file and manually import it directly into the lender's TPO portal.

To register a loan with a lender, you will need to have applied a loan product to the file and have a relatively complete loan file. We provide guidance for which data is missing but generally you should have:

  • All borrower information:
    • Contact info, 
    • Previous housing history, 
    • Declarations and Demographics,
    • Employment and Income,
    • Liabilities and Assets, 
  • Subject Property info
  • Mortgage Loan info.

When your loan is ready to submit, navigate to the Loan Center page and click on the Submit to Lender button towards the bottom of the page.

At this point the loan file is being sent to your selected lender. After the lender's system has finished processing the submission you will see the results of the request on the screen.

Occasionally the submission may be fail. For help troubleshooting possible causes, click here for the fixing loan registrations article.