We usually get error messages back from the lenders as to why the loan registrations fail. The most common reasons these fail include:

  • Poor connection with the lender

    • Troubleshooting: Try the loan registration again to as this is usually only temporary disruption

  • There’s required data that’s missing

    • Troubleshooting: Ensure that the loan file is completed as much as possible, but usually this is due to missing borrower information, such as housing history, demographics, or declarations

  • The loan product’s rates are stale

    • Troubleshooting: Try to re-price the loan product and ensure your rate and price is up to date with the market. Some lenders will confirm the price for you by comparing what we send to what’s in their system for the loan scenario

If the above still does not solve your issue please create a support ticket. The ARIVE lender support team will work with the lender to work through the registration problem and determine if there is an immediate fix available.

If there is an immediate fix, wait until you receive the go-ahead and attempt to register the loan again.

If you need to get the loan submitted to the lender ASAP, you will be able to export the 3.2 out of ARIVE and import it to the lender’s TPO portal manually. Simply use the "Process Manually" option on the Loan Center page.