New Lender Onboard: Click n' Close (LENDER-5955)

Click n' Close has been seamlessly integrated with Arive, enabling brokers to efficiently run pricing and select from a wide range of products offered by Click n' Close.

Enhance the Consumer Point of Sale App with Spanish language support (HOT-5000)

  • We have added Spanish language support for the Borrower Portal. All labels, enums, errors, info messages, and validation messages will now be available in Spanish.
  • If a loan application is submitted in Spanish, a label 'ES' will be visible on the LOS loan pipeline.
  • To activate Spanish language support, brokers must toggle on the "Enable Spanish Application" option in the Company/Branch/User settings under POS App config.
  • In POS, the borrower can convert the app language to Spanish and vice versa by enabling the checkbox present at the top-right corner.
  • Additionally, we've introduced support for generating language-specific client needs for loans submitted in Spanish language using the client need rule 'POS App Language,' which includes values such as All, EN, ES.

NMLS Call Reports: MCR Version 6 (RMLA & SSSF) (HOT-15367)

The Mortgage Call Report Form Version 6 is now available on ARIVE. Users can generate MCR Version 6 for 2024 Q1 and subsequent quarters. Users can still generate MCR Version 6 for all years prior to 2024.

  • With MCR Version 6, two new forms have been added: the Residential Mortgage Loan Activity (RMLA) II form and the State-Specific Supplemental Form (SSSF).
  • State-Specific Supplemental Forms (SSSF) are generated for selected states such as KS (Kansas), NH (New Hampshire), RI (Rhode Island), SD (South Dakota), and WA (Washington).
  • RMLA II will only be displayed if the state license is either Bank or Broker plus Bank.
  • The investment property toggle has been removed for FV6, and the associated data will now be displayed within the State-Specific Supplemental Form (SSSF).
  • As part of the update, AC030 and AC064 have been consolidated into AC030.
  • As part of the update, AC040 and AC062 have been consolidated into AC040.
  • A new section, AC063 (Net Application Changes), has been introduced.
  • AC940 will exclusively display HELOC loan data, while AC1000 will exclusively display repurchased data.
  • The MLO section will only display a record when there is one or more loan counts.

Review Fees: Calculate the Aggregate Adjustment and Escrow months (HOT-1122)

We have introduced a new feature called the "Escrow Analysis Calculator" in Section G of the review fee. This calculator is designed to compute Escrow Payments for various fees and taxes, as well as the Aggregate Adjustment based on the First Payment Date and Cushion Months. It will provide detailed analysis for each specific fee/tax and an aggregate monthly payment.

Re-import liabilities without the need to pull credit again. (HOT-14179)

An option has been introduced to re-import liabilities from credit report without initiating a credit pull. This feature, termed 'Re-import,' will appear at the top of the Liability Section on the Financial Info Screen. It will only be accessible if a credit order has been successfully pulled for the loan.

Bulk Liability:  Update student liability percentages. (HOT-15908)

We've provided an option to update the monthly payment, omitted, and will be paid off for multiple or all liabilities at once. 

Lead Integration with API (HOT-8659)

We have added support for Lead Automation via Zapier. Two new action events have been introduced for leads: 'New Lead' and 'Update Lead.' Additionally, the following action events have been added: 'Get Lead Details,' 'Get Lead List,' 'Create Lead,' 'Update Lead,' and 'Convert Lead to Loan.

Add additional column for Account number in Asset pipeline. (HOT-20146)

Displaying the Account Number column within the Asset Pipeline.

Copy occupancy and months with same as primary borrower toggle. (HOT-20842)

Earlier, when the user enabled the "Same as the Primary Borrower" Indicator, only the address was copied into the co-borrower's current address field.Now, upon enabling the "Same as the Primary Borrower" Indicator, the system copies the address, occupation, years spent, and months spent into the co-borrower's current address field.

Add the 2 year employment history validation for all borrowers vs just the main borrower on the 1st 1003 (HOT-8605)

As part of this update, a validation check for the 2-year latest employment history has been implemented for both Primary and Co-borrowers in all 1003 forms. Previously, it was only applicable to the Primary Borrower.

Closing Disclosure: Enable 'Paid To' option for Credit Fee & MERS Fee on Review Fee screen. (HOT-20503)

  • We have enabled the 'Paid To' option on the Review Fees page for credit fees and MERS fees, and have also included the service provider name option in the company settings for these fees. Additionally, these changes will be reflected in the Closing Disclosure document.
  • In cases where the 'Paid To' option is not provided, MERS will be shown for the MERS fee, and the Credit Vendor Name will be displayed, indicating from which credit is pulled, in the Closing Disclosure document only.

UWM loan stage status syncing with Arive. (HOT-20939)

The following loan statuses have been updated to reflect ARIVE and UWM as

Received from UWMUpdated in ARIVE


Loan Funded

Post Closed

Loan Funded

Request For Disbursement

Clear To Close

Wholesale - Closing

Clear To Close

Wholesale - File Imported

Loan Setup


Enum: Add Community Property With Right Of Survivorship option in Loan info -> Title Info (HOT-20095)

Show unit number from address on Loan pipeline view. (HOT-20731)

Defaulting Logic for Construction Status Type (HOT-17490)

Fixed: Income Analyzer: Duplicate Rental Income of REOs (HOT-20995)

Improve loan team member dropdown on setup & contacts (HOT-20853)

Fixed: P&I update in Quote (HOT-20465)

Convert Lead to Loan - Document name coming as undefined (HOT-19546)