Display Adverse/Funded loans for users when transferring them across branches. (HOT-18630)

  • Improved the experience of transferring users across branches. Additionally, an option has been added to transfer Adverse/Funded loans during the user transfer process across branches.
  • Provided a checkbox to transfer all Adverse/Funded loans to new branch.
  • The transfer process will display all the Loans and Leads associated with a user.

Lock Time zone enhancement. (HOT-16500)

The Lock Desk has been updated to synchronize with Company Hours and Time zone settings.

  • Brokered Loans - The default Time Zone is now based on Lender settings found in Company Settings. (Lenders - Mortgagee Contact).
  • Non-Del Loans - Non - Del Loans will now default to the Company Business Time Zone specified in Company Settings. (Company Setting - Org Info - Company Business Time Zone).

Rate Lock Pop-up Enhancements:

  • The system now automatically adjusts the expiry date to the next business day in case it falls on holidays, including Sundays.
  • Introduce a new Lock feature for expiry dates, which will retain the expiry date if the user changes other related parameters.
  • Users are also allowed to unlock and manually override the expiry date.

Add pipeline filters to conditions and Needs Pending. (HOT-15573)

  • The dashboard now includes a filter for pipeline statuses in the Client Needs and Conditions section.
  • The added filters include Prospect, Processing & Closing, and All Loans.
  • The default filter value for all users will be set to Processing and Closing.

Map fields so fees carry over from Review Fees to List of Service Providers document in ARIVE documents. (HOT-17678)

Now, the estimated cost with respect to each service and the company's phone number in the company's address will be populated in the 'Additional Details for Services You Can Shop For' form as separate line items.

UWM: Add Purchase Price from UWM pipeline Api. (HOT-18876)

Provided support for the Purchase Price in the UWM pipeline API.

MCR: Miinor updates. (HOT-19471, HOT-19470, HOT-19071)

  • AC610 should only include origination fees listed in block A and exclude SRP/pass-through fees from the calculation.
  • In call reports, funded loans will no longer require a 'Doc Signed' date. If the funded date exists, the loans will be considered as funded in MCR.


Resolved: Escrow items are not updating correctly when transitioning from Loan and Property . (HOT-19007)

Resolved: MCR shows false in NON- QM column . (HOT-19457)

Non Subject REO liabilities marked as "to be paid off" are not excluded from DTI calculation . (HOT-19390)

Resolved: Issue with residual calculations on VA loan files . (HOT-19297)

Resolved: checkbox fix on 4506C form . (HOT-19259)

Resolved: Pricing issue in case of DSCR scenario . (HOT-19175)

Resolved: Loan Center: Save button not working . (HOT-17288)

Resolved: Custom forms with owner password and permissions  . (HOT-8561)