Redesign Jumbo Indicator for Loan and Property. (HOT-18881)

  • In the context of this narrative, the jumbo field indication has undergone a revamp. The jumbo indicator will now be displayed as a string (Jumbo, High Balance, Conforming) adjacent to the loan and property title, similar to how it is presented in PPE address field.
  • The limits for loans in the indicator pop up will be presented based on the Mortgage type, number of units, state, county, and , if applicable, the Funded date and Estimated closing date.

Redesign Repurchase. (HOT-18880)

The Repurchase checkbox has been incorporated into Audit and Dates Screen, featuring fields such as Repurchase Date, Repurchase Cost, and Reason. Additionally, a Repurchase badge is generated when a loan is marked for repurchase. The following changes are done as:

  • The checkbox is exclusively visible to company owner and company admin. The company owner and company admin have the authority to edit add repurchase information.
  • The repurchase checkbox is only visible for loans with a funded status or beyond.
  • The Repurchase checkbox is not shown in case of Adverse/Suspended Loans.

PPE - UI/UX updates (HOT-18788)

The PPE UI has undergone the following changes:

  • The fields, namely Bankruptcy, Mortgage Lates, and Housing Event, have been relocated to Advanced Features and should consistently appear.
  • The Estimated Closing Date should be moved from the header to the product information section.
  • Documentation Type should be readily accessible at all times.
  • Rearrange the placement of Loan Officer, Acres, Title Seasoning, AUS, and Residency Status.

Capture total of remaining scheduled payments of a prior loan in case of Refinance . (HOT-19081)

  • A new field, 'Total Remaining Scheduled Payments,' has been added to the existing information and tangible net benefit pop up in Loan and Property and Disclosure Forms.
  • Additionally, both Loan-to-value (LTV) and the total of remaining scheduled payments will now be reflected in the VA-GUARANTEED HOME LOAN CASH-OUT REFINANCE of the initial disclosure package.

Allow viewing and downloading of documents at any stage of loan process. (HOT-19072)

Assigned users on Loan file are allowed to view and download document at any stage of loan process.


Resolved: Escrow items are not updating correctly when transitioning from Loan and Property . (HOT-19007)

Resolved: Pipeline Reports Previous Year filter issue. (HOT-18978).

Resolved: Creating a new loan from a Rate Alert set within an existing loan. (HOT-18949)

Resolved: File import error for a scenario where credit data is incomplete. (HOT-19100)

Resolved: MIP Premium Refund Amount not showing in FTC popover. (HOT-18187)

Resolved: Contract Processor pipeline error for Adverse/Finalized loan. (HOT-18913)