Ability to configure User/Org Licenses by Company Admin. (HOT-18426)

System to provide the ability for Company Admin to control access to Licenses as follows:

Allow Editing Branch Licenses -> When this toggle is ON, the system will allow all Branch Admins to manage their branch licenses. Otherwise, the system will not permit Branch Admins to Edit/Update/Delete their branch licenses.

Allow Editing User Licenses -> When this toggle is ON, the system will display a selection of roles:

Loan Officer -> If selected, the system will allow Loan Officers to manage their licenses under User Settings.

Branch Admin -> If selected, the system will allow Branch Admins to update licenses for all Loan Officers in their respective branches.

Note: Upon the release of the ticket, Allow Editing Branch Licenses and Allow Editing User Licenses will be ON by default to ensure the system continues to operate in the same manner as it currently does.

Role base ability to modify the Adverse and Finalised Loans. (HOT-17785)

A configuration has been added for company Admins/Owners to manage which roles can update Finalized/Adverse Loans in Company settings.

Note: Earlier Suspended Loans were part of this configuration. Now, Suspended Loans are unaffected by this configuration. 

Allow Loan Officer to customize custom domain for Borrower POS (HOT-17360)

Users with the loan officer role can now customize the POS domain by navigating to user settings > POS app config.

For Borrower Portal, users can choose to either save their individual URL or opt for the company's URL by activating the 'Use Parent URL' toggle.

MCRv6 - Add support for Repurchase Loans. (HOT-15975)

A 'Repurchase' toggle has been incorporated into the Audits and Dates screen. This toggle will exclusively visible to user with Company Admin and Owner role when the Loan Status is at Funded or a more advanced stage.

MCRv6 - Add JUMBO Indicator to Loan. (HOT-17388)

A Jumbo Indicator has been added to loans and property, and it will be set according to the loan limits established for a county, based on mortgage type and other relevant information.

UWM Portal - Automatically synchronize Lender Events in the ARIVE Loan file. (HOT-15458)

We have introduced a new functionality in User Settings > Integrations > 'Automatically Sync Lender Events' where users can enable it to sync loan information (1003) whenever it is updated in the UWM Portal.

The following sections are updated whenever there is a change in the loan via the UWM Portal:

Loan InfoPurchase Price, Appraised Value, Base Loan Amount, Mortgage Type, Funding Fee, Amortization Type, Initial Adjustment Period, Subsequent Adjustment Period, Note Rate, Amortization Term, Interest Only, Improvements, Renovations and Repairs, Product Description, Pre-Pay Penalty, Seller Provided Below Market Financing, Negative Amortization, Subject Property (Multiple fields), Housing Expense (Other than First Mortgage other housing Expense should be updated), Title Info, Purchase Credit
Borrower InfoDemographics, Declaration, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, DOB, Type of Relationship, State in which relationship is formed, Cell Phone, Home Phone, Number of Dependents, Dependent Ages, Languages, Counselling, Residence , Prior Residence.
AssetsCreate, Update and Delete Assets based on Lender updates.
Rate LockLender Loan Number and Agency Case Number
Additional  Balloon, Buy-down Details & Loan Status.

Users will not be able to update the above fields under two conditions, as mentioned below:

  • When the Loan is in COC.
  • When 'Automatically Sync Lender Events' is unchecked.
  • When Loan has been Funded or Adverse or Archive

Search Loans by Borrower Email via Zapier API. (HOT-18382)

The "Search ALL Loans" API now includes a Borrower Email filter, allowing users to search for loans based on Borrower email IDs.

Email Editor: Provide Loom Embed support via video URL for Emails. (HOT-17866)

A preview for attached Loom URLs will now be shown in templates.

Pipeline Reports : Fixed mapping for Co-borrower in Pipeline Export (HOT-18738)

  • The primary borrower will be mapped from the primary borrower of the first 1003 application.
  • The co-borrower will be mapped from the co-borrower of the first 1003 application. If the co-borrower does not exist in the first application, then the primary borrower of the second 1003 application will be mapped as the co-borrower.
  • All other borrowers beyond the above cases will be mapped as "Other Borrowers".


DTI: Fixed Subject Property Cash Flow not getting removed on changing Occupancy from Investment to Primary Residence. (HOT-18731)

Fixed a scenario where Subject Property Cash Flow was not getting removed.

DTI: Fixed Frontend DTI for HELOC loans. (HOT-17936)

Fixed a scenario to handle DTI for HELOC Loans