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Revamp PPE UI/UX. (HOT-17412)

We have revamped the PPE with an intuitive design and enhanced accessibility for selecting better products.

With latest enhancement PPE is divided into three sections as:

LOAN INFO (Non-QM Support)
New Field Added (Total Loan Amount)
Subordinate Liens are moved as check box.
NON-QM (Added 13-24 months option for Mortgage Lates)
NON-QM (New Residency Status added: Foreign National with ITIN, Foreign National)
NON-QM (Housing Event Seasoning and Bankruptcy Seasoning added)

Property Type is updated similar to Loan & Property.
New field condotel is added and will only be visible when Property Type is Condominium.
Employment is updated into checkboxes with options as Non Occupant co-borrower and Self Employed.

Lender is search is updated with multiple options.
Loan Terms and Flex Terms are moved to Product Info section from Advance Features.
Fee in Price and Integrated Fee moved to Product section from Advance Features.

New checkbox fields added as Mixed Use Property and Rural.
Residency Status options are updated as : Perm Resident Alien/Non Perm Resident /Foreign National with ITIN

New Lender Onboard into ARIVE Platform - Newfi Wholesale. (LENDER-4372)

The Newfi wholesale is now accessible in ARIVE platform. Users associated with it can now run pricing against the Newfi Lender and choose the best suitable products.

Pipeline Reports: New Filters and enhancements. (HOT-18038)

Updated Pipeline Reports with new filter and enhancements as:

  • Loan Status has been added as a new filter option.
  • The Loan Created date has been removed from default mandatory filter.
  • Support for multiple date filters has been added. 
  • Users are now allowed to save reports without filters, even when no records are displayed.

Pipeline Reports: Add Interest/Note Rate filter with range values. (HOT-18495)

Added a Interest Rate filter to Pipeline Reports with the following options:

  • between
  • is more than 
  • is less than 
  • is more than or equal to
  • is less than or equal to 

Added GIF support to the email editor. (HOT-17423)

The Enabled GIF support in Invite borrower, email templates, and email signature.

Lead Config - Add user based Lead Assignees. (HOT-17788)

Provided an option to add two additional Lead Assignees for User-based option in Lead form Config.

Non-Del: Convert Lender Credits to Company Margin (HOT-17341)

  • Added a Toggle in company Setting i.e. Convert Lender Credits to Company Margin.
  • For a Non-Del product, if the "Convert Lender Credits to Company Margin" is true and discount points are negative, the final price should be set to zero, and a corresponding manual adjustment has been added to achieve the result.

Call Repots v6: Add Doctor Loan type Indicator in LOS. (HOT-17545)

Added a Doctor Loan type Indicator with possible values: NULL, true, and false in the Loan and Property sections.

Allow borrowers to upload documents into POS when Loan is in Suspended status. (HOT-16036)

The Borrowers can now upload documents when the loan is in Suspended status.

PennyMac Mortgage Insurance Updates. (LENDER-4555)

PennyMac borrower paid mortgage insurance (BPMI) are now live in ARIVE.

ZAP - Added Archive event to trigger ZAP. (HOT-11275)

Added a new trigger event i.e "Loan Archived in ARIVE". Users can set actions for this event and work on different applications whenever a Loan is Archived in ARIVE system.

Refresh (sync PPE Fees) option on Review Fee screen. (HOT-11613)

Allow users to reset fees in the review fee section to their default values found in closing cost under company setting after they have made changes.

Allow changing Loan channel unless disclosures are generated . (HOT-18092)

Allow users to change the Industry channel unless or until disclosures are generated.