Custom Pipeline reports. (HOT-10389)

The current pipeline reports do not provide the option to save multiple reports or apply filters. We have enhanced the pipeline reports, enabling application of various filters and the saving of multiple reports.

Non Del Mortgagee clause. (HOT-10252)

We have now added a new section called 'Mortgagee Clause' under 'Company Settings' in the 'Non-Delegated for Non-Del Orgs' category. The Mortgagee Clause will be populated in the 'Request for Title Commitment Form' for Non-Del Loans.

Note: Users need to setup Non Del Mortgagee Clause for Non Del Orgs, else it will shown as blank for Non DEL Loans.

Enhance the License tab at the company level to allow users to indicate which state license correlates to their Brokers vs Non Del License. (HOT-17351)

  • We have introduced a new field, 'License Type', within the Licenses section of Company Settings. This field is designed to retrieve the appropriate organisational license for Banker (Non Del), Broker, or both (either non-del or brokered) types. 
  • The State License ID associated with this will be displayed in both Doc-magic disclosure and Arive forms.

Note: Notify Users

Add emoji support in editor. (HOT-17422)

Emoji option has been provided for email templates and email signatures.

Show additional LTV details on Loan and Leads. (HOT-13498)

We have added some crucial details on LTV pop over for Loan and Leads as:

  • Loan Amount
  • Financed Fee
  • Other New Mortgage Loans 
  • Total Loan Amount

Allow user to clone doc requested needs. (HOT-17402)

  • Users are given option to clone documents and inquiry needs. They can update the need title, borrowers, description, and remove documents for a cloned need.
  • Clone feature is not applicable for e-signature needs.

Setup and Contacts: Show actual email/SMS preview instead of templates (HOT-15361)

  • Enhance the experience of displaying Email/SMS preview in the Email/SMS configuration section of Setup and Contacts.
  • The preview now displays Email Subject, Email Content and other details.

Setup and Contacts/SMS Template: Allow custom recipient for SMS also. (HOT-14770)

In setup and contacts section, an option to add a custom recipient for sending SMS has been added. Also provided an option to add custom recipients from Email Template.

Enable Adverse flag by default in global search. (HOT-17699)

In the Global search feature, the adverse flag is enabled by default.

Proposed Monthly Payment pane of Loan and Property tab - add an indicator when escrows are waived. (HOT-10005)

  • We have introduced a new indicator, 'waived' on the proposed monthly payment panel within the Loan & Property tab. 
  • This indicator is displayed when escrows are waived for Homeowner's Insurance (HOI) or Property Tax.


Document : Rename document UX fix. (HOT-11939)

Improved the process of renaming documents (preview mode) in the client needs, conditions, and documents section to enhance the user experience.

API Connect: Fix get loan list action. (HOT-17493)

Fixed: Not showing complete data on ZAPIER in case of Get Loan List Action.

Error on importing HELOC Loan (HOT-17763)

Fixed: Handled a MISMO where subject loan type was missing.

Calculations for Property Tax information tags (HOT-17763)

Fixed: Calculations for scenario.propertyTaxAnnualDollar and scenario.propertyTaxMonthlyDollar.