The Conversion of Loan into Leads . (HOT-6415)

  • Users now have choice to transform a Loan into a Lead. When a Loan is converted into a Lead, the users can choose to either Adverse or Archive Loan. Additionally options to copy Quotes and  Documents are available.
  • Once the Loan has been successfully converted into Lead, the system will display the converted Loan Number associated with the Lead. This enables the users to navigate to the Archived/Adverse loan within the Lead and in the Lead pipeline.
  • Furthermore,  a new option, 'Re-convert to Loan',  has been introduced inside the Lead. This option allows the user to directly convert the Lead back into Loan.

PreApproval Letter : Automatically populate state-specific Pre Approval/ Pre Qualification letters in states that require a special version. (HOT-10436)

The Pre Approval will automatically generate state specific template based on state code in subject property address.

The system will generate a state specific form for Arizona and Texas property addresses, and by default, it will generate a default fr other addresses

Allow the inclusion of more than 3 subordinate liens on Loan and Property screen. (HOT-8550)

As an improvement system now allow addition of a maximum of 5 liens.

Warning messages have been incorporated for LPA and DU 

  • LPA supports upto 3 subordinate Liens and does not support other Lien.
  • Regarding DU, after the second lien, it will be categorised as 'other' lien.

Choose the option to modify to modify submission type of all documents simultaneously. (HOT-15520)

An option has been provided to change the submission type of all documents simultaneously.

Include a 'Save and Continue' option in confirmation dialog. (HOT- 13323)

The system will present the user with the option to choose either 'Continue without saving' or 'Save and Continue' to handle any unsaved changes.

Add a new field to capture Service provider's name for fee configuration in company settings. (HOT-12327)

We have introduced a new field called  'Service Provider Name' for configuring fees in the following sections under company Setting > Closing Cost :

  • Service Borrowers Cannot Shop For
  • Taxes and Other Government Fees
  • Prepaid (excluding Prepaid Interest)
  • Other

Please note 'Credit Report Fee' and 'MERS Registration Fee' should be excluded.

Pre populate Service provider's fees if they are added in the closing cost settings. (HOT-13938)

The 'Add Paid To' field under Review Fee will now be automatically populate based on the 'Service Provider Name' specified in the Company Setting -> Closing Cost Configuration.

Clone Loan : Ensure that unused documents are not displayed for clone Loan . (HOT-17092)

The Clone feature for copying document does not display unused documents.

Add new verification report agencies to the system. (HOT-15554)

As In LPA verification Report section, we have added an option to select 'Informative Research' when running an LPA. This option will only be displayed when report type 'VOD' is selected.

Support the LPA Offering 'Heritage One'. (HOT-15536)


Clone Loan : Fixed-Copying credit consent. (HOT-17219)

Fixed issue of copying credit consent during Loan clone.

Loan Summary: Fixed - Displaying an incorrect unpaid balance amount. (HOT-17220)

Fixed: Displaying incorrect unpaid balance amount in Loan Summary sheet.

Fixed - Manual Lender pricing issue. (HOT-17047)

Fixed: Issue related to APR and DTI for Manual Lenders.

Fixed - Loan Estimate form displaying incorrect Issue date. (HOT-17292)

Fixed: Loan Estimate issue for displaying incorrect Issue date on Disclosures.