HOT-15910: LOS > Financial Info: Show Employment gap and Work History period.

Period of work history and employment gap added to financial information for a borrower.

HOT-15991: Provided an option to capture Project Name on Loan and Property.

A new field titled "Project Name" has been introduced within the Loan and Property sections. This information will be visible in the Closing Package through the Doc Magic disclosure generation process, specifically in the documents named "Multi state Planned Unit Development Rider.pdf" and "Multi state Condominium Rider.pdf.

HOT-16133: Update DU Explanations enum values.

Updated Pop hover suggestion values In Declarations Part F, where the user can specify DU explanations : 

  1. Confirmed CR BK EC

  2. Confirmed CR FC EC

  3. Confirmed CR BK Incorrect

  4. Confirmed CR FC Incorrect

  5. Confirmed Mtg Del Incorrect

HOT-15476: Property PIN (Property Tax Parcel #) is added on CD Info section.

In the Disclosure Forms → CD Info section, we renamed the Property Inspection Type to "Additional Property Details" and introduced a new input field called the "Property Tax Parcel #".

HOT-15090: VA Loans : Show Total Loan Amount on Fee Worksheets for VA Loans.

For the Mortgage type VA with the funding fee financed, we will display the following information:

For quotes, Initial Fee Worksheet (IFW), and Portfolio, the display will include the Total Loan Amount and Total Loan-to-Value (TLTV) for VA Mortgage Type with the funding fee.


For Purchase Loan: The label and tooltip on the quote will read as "Total Loan Amount/TLTV."

For Refinance Loan: The label and tooltip on the quote will be "Total Loan Balance/TLTV."

HOT-16160: Update Plan Identifier in case of Conventional ARM.

Now we are sending Lender ARM Plan with the identifier ‘!FNMA’ in the case of conventional ARM for DU.

HOT-15476: Dashboard pipeline date filter should match with the loan pipeline.

As part of this narrative, when a user opts for date filtering such as 'this week,' 'this month,' 'YTD,' or 'Custom' on the dashboard, and subsequently clicks on any status, they will be directed to the loan pipeline. The chosen filter will then be applied to the status date, and the custom date will be exhibited accordingly.

Regarding the Lender Spread widget, if the chosen status is 'Not Funded,' transitioning to the loan pipeline will present lifetime loans.

It's important to note that regardless of the chosen filter, the end date will always be the current date (whether it's 'this week,' 'this month,' or 'YTD').

HOT-15459: "Company Paid" should be called "Branch Paid" when a user is in a branch with branch-level billing enabled.

When a user finds themselves in a Branch where branch-level billing is enabled, the term "Company Paid" should be referred to as "Branch Paid."

HOT-15986: Incorrect County Name printed in Closing Package Documents

Fixed: The county name will appear as specified in the subject property address within the Loan & Property section and also in the MISMO export.

HOT-15985: Don't Send Escrow Details to DocMagic if the monthly amount is 0.

If the monthly amount is zero for any escrow, the details and associated disbursements will not be sent to DocMagic.

HOT-15952 Allow import of Equifax The Work Number income verification in DO

An additional service provider type, 'Equifax - The Work Number,' has been incorporated into the Borrower Verification report when running DU.

HOT-16165: While importing counselling info, handle confirmation indicator gracefully.

For files where the counselling type is designated as false but includes other information (such as format, etc.), the additional details will be removed upon importing the file.

HOT-16108: Property Owner on Loan Creation/ Cloning.

Previously, users had the capability to import multiple entries for the fields "Title to the property will be held in what name(s)" and "Title to the property currently held in what name(s)". However, in the current update, when generating a loan, only the initial entry or the primary property owner's details are imported if there are multiple entries.

Furthermore, it's important to note that if the "Full Name" of the title holder is not provided, the system will not import or replicate the information of the title holder.

HOT-15992: Settlement certification form does not import sales contract date.

New Date field, labeled as "Sales Contract Date," has been incorporated into the "Audits & Dates" section under 'Other Key Dates.' This date will be prominently displayed within the Doc Magic forms included in the closing package, specifically in the following files:

  • Broker/Agent Certification.pdf
  • Closing Package > Settlement Certification.pdf

HOT-15917: Removing existing loan data form loan when convert from refinance to purchase.

In this scenario, when converting a refinance loan with existing loan information into a purchase loan, the data pertaining to the existing loan information is deleted. This step was taken due to an issue that was arising in the Doc Vendor Export process for the purchase loan.