With an account on our Non-Del subscription plan, you can do Brokered and Non-Delegated loans in the same system.

When configuring the company's Non-Delegated settings, Company Admins can choose whether or not to allow their LOs to change the Industry Channel of their loan files between Non-Del and Broker.

For more information about Non-Del settings, see Non-Del Settings and Configurations.

If the Company Admin has chosen to allow this, any LO can change the industry channel of any of their loans via the Industry Channel dropdown in the lower right corner of the loan file's Setup & Contacts tab.

Please note that in order to do this, the loan must be in the Loan Setup status, or an earlier status. The Industry Channel can not be changed if a loan is beyond Loan Setup status. If you need to change the industry channel of a loan that has reached a later status, you must change the loan's status to Loan Setup or earlier before you will be able to change the industry channel.

Selecting Industry Channels in the PPE

When the toggle is turned to allow LOs to override industry channel, your LOs will be able to select from 3 different options. 

  • Company Default - This option will use the default channel and override rules created in company settings to filter your product & pricing results. 
  • Broker - This will only show broker pricing for ALL of your lenders
  • Non-Del - This will only show Non-Del pricing for ALL of your lenders whether you are approved to do Non-Del business with that lender/investor or not.