HOT-15261 Support for additional questions in Leads (LOS & POS)(Pro Plan)

  • Additional Questions are now enabled for Leads and Public Leads in the POS.
  • The Company Admin can configure these Additional Questions in the Company Settings > POS config.
  • To make the questions available in the Lead and Public Lead form, the Company Admin needs to click on the "Show in Lead Form and Lead Details" toggle.

HOT-15260 HOT-15259 Support for Arizona and Texas Pre Approval Letter in LOS, POS and Realtor Portal.

Added an option to generate state-specific Pre-Approval Letters for Arizona and Texas within the LOS, POS, and Realtor Portal.

HOT-13147 POS Theme - Inclusion at user level. 

  • An option is provided to configure the theme at the user (Loan Officer) level as well.
  • The system will always prioritise the user-level theme over the branch and company themes.

HOT-14859 Revamp the Disclosure UI/UX [Non-Del Customers]

  • The disclosure forms have been redesigned to enhance usability and user experience, categorizing them into different sections: Disclosure Forms, Arive Forms, Identity Verification, Tax Transcripts, Anti-Steering, Other Considerations, and CD Info.
  • Additionally, users will now be able to minimize the disclosure package when resolving audited errors/warnings.
  • We have also added 'Fix Now' links after warnings, allowing users to navigate and address the identified issues.

HOT-15383 Handling of Current Title ownership for Refinance Loans

For a refinance loan, the system will prompt the user to provide the name of the Title to be held by, and the name of the Title currently held by. These names will be printed on the URLA Lender Loan Information Disclosure form, which is generated by Arive and Doc-magic.

HOT-12884 Make Loan Officer field searchable on PPE advance options

  • The Loan Officer field has been made searchable on the Pricing screen.
  • Users can search for a Loan Officer using either their name or email. The search functionality will allow users to find specific Loan Officers based on the provided name or email information.
  • By default, the system will fetch 25 records.

HOT-12802 Import all liabilities of Revolving/Credit Card via Order Credit.

Now, we will import all liabilities from the Revolving/Credit Card category using Order Credit, regardless of the Unpaid Balance value.

HOT-15257 LOS: All Lead config questions are now optional.

  • As an update, we have now made all lead configuration questions optional. 
  • For the Purchase type: The estimated price of the property and the estimated down payment will work together in combination.
  • For the Refinance type: The estimated value of the property and the remaining mortgage balance will work together in combination.

HOT-15519 Add a multi line text box that can be filled by borrowers when creating e-signature need.

An option has been provided to allow borrowers and co-borrowers to fill the multi-line text box. Previously, only the loan officer had the ability to fill it.

HOT-15518 Remove Two year work history warning if borrower selects they have not worked for two years.

As part of our enhancements, we have eliminated the warning for POS income when the borrower selects 'NO' for the question, 'Have you been employed for 2 years?".

HOT-11979 Forms List: Introduced Clone feature for custom forms.

We have introduced the Clone feature for Custom forms as well; previously, it was only enabled for system forms.

HOT-11978 Forms list: Incorporate an editing feature into the Form Preview.

As an improvement, we have introduced an 'Edit' button within the form preview.

HOT-15521 Move Association Dues and other amount field to Value column instead of Monthly.

Update: Association Dues and Other fields will now retrieve values from the corresponding monthly column instead of the value column.

HOT-15872 New verification report Agencies added - Truv, Argyle and Halycon.

New verification reports have been added for AUS:

  • DU: Truv and Argyle (Available for VOE, VOD, and TAXTRANSCRIPTS).
  • LPA: Halcyon (Available only for VOE).

HOT-15624 Updated Pricing algorithm to price exact rate scenario within available rates from rate sheet.

We have updated the pricing scenario to allow selection of a product with the minimum and maximum rates from the rate sheet available for each product.

HOT-13871 Downloaded PDF names should be consistent through out application.

When downloading documents from Documents section, the format will appear as Classification-Label

When downloading documents from conditions, the format will appear as Condition Code-Classification-Label

HOT-14916 Show Lock Type in tooltip on loan and pipeline.

A tooltip will be displayed when hovering over the eyes icon in the loan pipeline during the current loan editing session. The following messages will appear:

  • 'Simple Edit loan locked: This loan has been Finalized. Edits to the loan are disabled except for Admins.’
  • 'CoC Edit Loan Lock: Edits to 1003 and Fees are disabled as Disclosures have been generated.’
  • 'Final loan lock: Loan is Read-Only as it has been moved to <StageName>.

HOT-15688 Pipeline Report: The date range filter is restricted to a maximum of one year.

*UPDATE 4/8/23:  The limit has been reverted to the original functionality of an unrestricted range.*

We modified the date range filter to allow a maximum duration of one year.


HOT-15930 Address related feedback for Notice of Action.

Fixed: Positions of Subject Property and borrower's current address in the Notice of Adverse Action form.

HOT-14311 Loan Quotes not accessible to LOA and Processor roles.

Fixed: Any user having access to Loan will able to View, Re-run and Edit.

HOT-15351 Fixed: Estimated First Payment Date is calculated wrongly.

Fixed: Issue fixed for a specific timezone scenario.

HOT-15296 Use org display name for org name template token.

Fixed: Sync issue with tokens "Org Display Name" and "Org Name".

HOT-13539 Add LO's full name (First/Middle/Last) to doc vendor export.

HOT-13524 Additional Question - Hide preview and add question button in edit mode.

HOT-12145 Fixed: Misspelling in pre populated field: Trust Document's Description.

HOT-11815 Credentials: DO Username field should force lowercase.

HOT-11869 Fixed: Transfer User:  User is not visible in entire organization.