Users on the Non-Del plan are able to connect their DocMagic accounts to Arive through either their company or user settings. Once your credentials have been entered you will be able to generate the following disclosures. 

  • Loan Estimates (LE)
  • Initials Disclosures
  • Change of Circumstance (COC)
  • Closing Disclosures (CD)
  • Pre-Closing Packages
  • Closing Packages

Generating a Closing Packages & UCD's

Once your loan has moved into "Clear to Close" status you will see the option to generate Closing Packages in the DocMagic dropdown of the "Disclosure Forms"tab. 

  • Please refer to the support article Non-Del - Generating a Closing Disclosure (CD) & Pre-Closing Package using DocMagic if you need assistance editing fees and file contacts needed in your closing docs. 
  • Once you've made all of your edits and your CD is balanced click on the "Disclosure Forms" tab on the left side menu. Then click "Disclosure Packages"
  • Select "Closing Package" in the dropdown
  • Click the "Generate Package" button

  • Review the audit findings 
  • Once you are ready to move forward click the "Generate Doc Package" button

  • Review the generated closing package
  • Click the "Download" button to download the docs to send to your closing agent. 

  • Once you get back to the main disclosures screen you will see the closing package in your list of generated documents. 

Generating a UCD

  • In the "Disclosure Forms" screen click on the "Disclosures" tab 
  • The "Generate UCD" option is available by clicking "..." by the Closing Disclosure, Closing Package, or Pre-Closing Package. 

  • Once you click "Generate UCD" a pop up will appear at the bottom right of your screen letting you know that the UCD has been requested and will be available in the documents section once it is generated. 

  • Click "Documents" on the left side menu
  • You will then see the UCD listed in your documents. You will also have the option to download the UCD xml file on the right side of the screen.