Users on the Non-Del plan are able to connect their DocMagic accounts to Arive through either their company or user settings. Once your credentials have been entered you will be able to generate the following disclosures. 

  • Loan Estimates (LE)
  • Initials Disclosures
  • Change of Circumstance (COC)
  • Closing Disclosures (CD)
  • Pre-Closing Packages
  • Closing Packages

Generating a CD & Pre-Closing Package

Once your loan has moved into "Approved w/ Conditions" status you will see the options for Closing Disclosure & Pre-Closing Package in DocMagic dropdown in the "Disclosure Forms"tab. 

  • To get started click the "COC/Edit Loan" button at the top left of the screen

  • Select "Edit Without COC"
  • Click the "Start Editing" button

  • Now you can make any edits you need to get the fees and contacts associated with the loan up to date. 
  • For purchase transactions. you will need to add the realtor contacts and sellers as business contacts in the "Setup & Contacts" tab

  • Go to the "Review Fees" tab to add or edit any fees
  • Add any payees by hovering over the fee line and clicking "Add Paid To" 

  • You can add fees by hovering over the section header and clicking the "+Fee" button

  • You can adjust your prepaids and escrows by clicking the "days" or "Months" text on the right side of the fee listed in sections F & G. 

  • Once you've made all of your edits click on "Disclosure Forms" tab
  • This will open up a new set of tabs (shown below). Go through each section to make sure all the information has been entered. 
  • In the "CD Info" tab you will be able to take the business contacts that you entered in the "Setup & Contacts" tab and add them to the business contacts section of the "CD Info" tab. 

  • Once you've updated the information tabs within "Disclosure Forms" you can select "Disclosure Packages"
  • Select either "Closing Disclosure" or "Pre-Closing Package"
  • Click "Generate Package"

  • Review any audit findings before generating docs. 
  • Once you're ready click "Generate Doc Package"

  • You will see a pop-up letting you know that you will be charged according the agreement you have with DocMagic.
  • Click the "Generate Package" button

  • Once the package is generated you will be able to review the docs. 
  • From here you can either download the package or send for e-sign.

  • If you click the "Send for eSigning" button you will see a pop-up showing the expected recipients and the attachment that is being sent. 
  • Click "Send"

  • Congrats! eSign request has been initiated! Click "Continue"

  • From here you will be able to track the status of the eSign request
  • You can also copy the link to resend to your signers, if needed. 

Generating a "Pre-Closing  Package" would work exactly the same way. You would select "Pre-Closing Package" and go through the same step as mentioned above.